Artemis Flies Again, in Brussels

In November 2017 I got an email from Wodek Majewski, director of Atelier 34zero, a private art museum in Brussels:

Dear Mr. Feehan,

I am the director of the Atelier 34zero Muzeum, an independent contemporary art centre based in Brussels. As part of our exhibition program, we developed a project entitled « Publicité pour une œuvre d’art » (Advertising for a work of art). For this project, we reproduce works of art on 20m² banners which are placed inside and outside our buildings.

This project presents the work of Belgian and foreign artists. Its goal is to share modern and contemporary art with the largest public. It is above all a question of arousing curiosity and provoking intellectually the public passing by or visiting the museum. For this “social art” project, some of the banners (tarpaulins) produced are placed outside, in our park so that the local population can see them for free. Indeed, we intend to bring the art out of the museum.

A first exhibition dedicated toPig in modern and contemporary art” took place recently. Given the interest of the public, we wish to pursue the reflections initiated and to expose new artists. We are interested in your work The Tatooed Pig (1977) and we would like to print it on one of our banners. Therefore, we ask for your authorization? In case of your positive answer, could you provide us with a high-definition image and information of the selected work?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Friendly and culturally,

The picture that Wodek referred to was Mark Green’s shot:

email artemis

So Artemis appeared in the form of a 20 square metre banner in an outdoor setting from November 2017 through March 2018.

Here is a brief panorama of the outdoor space at Atelier 34zero.

The show was featured in the Brussels paper on the day the show opened.


Some press…

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