Serpent: A work in deep relief

Although this was made in Texas in 2004, it has never been shown. It is on a wall in my studio. It is made of acrylic polymer paste, built up at the highest points at about 2 cm. It is underpainted in oil, in light pthalo blue, then finished in bone black, each scale having been previously incised with a lino cutter, then scraped down to the undercoat with a wooden knife. The ground is 24k gold leaf. The work is on masonite and measures 122 x 122 x 2 cm.

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  1. Hey Andy. It was so lovely to meet you last night. I am sitting in the same spot next to the couch on this gorgeous morning. I found your site and I am loving your work. Very wonderful. My site is very outdated and due for an y grade but I put it below. It does not reflect what I am doing now. If you send you email address. I will send you my first two films.
    Take care. Loretta


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