Andy Feehan est né à Houston, Texas, en 1950. Après avoir obtenu son diplôme à l’Université de Saint Thomas, Houston, en 1974, il obtient un MFA (Master of Fine Arts) à l’Université de North Texas, Denton, en 1977, période pendant laquelle il est aussi attaché d’enseignement.

Feehan a présenté ses oeuvres dans de nombreuses expositions, dont une exposition individuelle au Contemporary Arts Museum de Houston. Il participe à des  expositions de groupe : Fresh Paint: the Houston School  et The Texas Landscape, 1900-1986, au Museum of Fine Arts de  Houston. Il expose également ses oeuvres à Chicago, Fort Worth, et New York, ainsi qu’au Museum of Arts de la Nouvelle Orléans, et à  l’occasion du New Orleans Triennial de 2001. Ses oeuvres font partie de plusieurs collections privées et de collections publiques dont celle du  Museum of Fine Arts de Houston. Feehan s’est installé en France en 2005.

Andy Feehan was born in Houston, Texas, in 1950. After graduating cum laude from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, in 1974, he earned an MFA from the University of North Texas, Denton, in 1977, during which time he was also a Teaching Fellow.

Feehan has exhibited in numerous shows, including a solo show at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Group shows include Fresh Paint: the Houston School  and The Texas Landscape, 1900-1986, both at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He has also  shown his work in Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and New York, and he was featured in the 2001 New Orleans Triennial at the New Orleans Museum of Art. His work is in many private collections. Public collections include the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Feehan relocated to France in 2005.

Studio: 10 rue des Ursulines, 10250 Mussy-sur-Seine, France. 


  1. Hey, Andy! We ran across a tweet with a tattooed pig and knew it would surely lead to you. Jim Allen and I (Marilyn Outlaw Allen) were at U of H and UNT at the same time as you. We’ve been married since 1976 and have lived in Boise, Idaho for 27 years. We have one son, and our first grandchild 6 months ago. Her name is Loie, after an American dancer, Loie Fuller, who moved to Paris and was an early innovator of modern dance and theatrical lighting. Well, just thought it would be fun to reconnect. It sounds like you’ve done well!


  2. Andy, Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection of works and your history. I think you must be a very happy man! I look forward to much more coming from your mind and your hand. It is good that our paths crossed a long time ago, and we are still in touch today. All the best now, and in your future!


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